Riviera Riches Mobile Slots

Enjoy the riches put before you with the game that allows you to feel like you’re on the Riviera living it up. This is a game that is visually incredibly pleasing and also pleasing for the opportunities you can have to win and enjoy. And, since it’s one of the Canadian mobile slots games, it’s also awesome because you can take the game with you anywhere you happen to be and can enjoy the Canadian mobile casino apps and the great ways to play this game almost instantly.

Getting in the Game

With the Riviera Riches mobile slots game, you’ll see that it is a five reel and 15 payline game that has vibrant images of people on the Riviera. Here you’ll see men who are all dressed up, women who are ready for an elegant night out and all sorts of other luxuries that you would see with the mobile slots games. As you begin to play, you have a number of exciting things that you need to watch out for. The Riviera Riches Logo is the wild symbol here and it can substitute for others to create wins for you. With the secure mobile casino apps, you’ll see that you can immediately get to the game and start having a blast. Now, as you’re watching for the wild symbol, keep in mind that if you have five of these symbols on an enabled payline, you’ll get a jackpot that is 1500 times your bet!

Even More Fun

With the Riviera Riches mobile slots game, the scatter is the pile of money. If you have two or more of these scatter symbols on the five reels you’ll get a payout. And this is true even if they aren’t on a payline. If you have three or more scatter symbols you’ll find yourself with 12 free spins and all of the payouts here are tripled.

The Special Nature of the Riviera Riches Mobile Slots

Now, all of this is nice and certainly fun, but the real excitement with the mobile casino apps in Canada for this game comes with the bonus. If you have the Roulette Bonus symbol on reels 1 and 5 then you’ll suddenly move from playing the slots game to playing the roulette game. Imagine another game that offers two different gaming experiences in one game! Now, with the Roulette Bonus Game, you’ll get two spins on the roulette wheel and for each of them you’ll place your bet on a number on the green felt. Extra numbers will automatically be placed for you as well. You’ll be guaranteed a payout here of at least four times your bet just for being in the bonus round. So all of this adds up to awesome fun. You’ll step away from the slots game, enjoy some roulette, and have a blast with great winning opportunities.

Mobile Fun

Keep in mind, of course, that you are doing all of this with the Riviera Riches mobile slots game. So you can use the Canadian mobile casino apps to quickly get to the game you love from your mobile - phone or tablet. And this means you can use the secure mobile casino apps to enjoy this game anywhere that you find yourself, anytime that you happen to be there. And this is truly a great feature of the Riviera Riches mobile slots game.