Secure Online Casino Payment Methods

Playing at the online casino offers a fun, recreational opportunity that enables players to relax and get the most out of a gambling adventure. To play for real money prizes, however, you must identify secure online casino payment methods so that your casino deposits and withdrawals are transacted according to your needs and expectations.

The All Slots Casino interfaces with numerous secure online wallets, credit and debit cards and digital banks that transfer funds to and from your local Canadian bank account via wire transfers to ensure that you’ll enjoy the most convenient and most efficient online casino experience.

How to Make Secure Payments Online

When you make your casino secure payments in Canada you’ll need to

  1. Identify your preferred online bank
  2. Fund your account
  3. Link your digital bank to your casino account

Start by identifying the online bank that you want to use for your transactions. You’ll need to find an ebank that facilitates transactions in Canadian dollars so that you can make your deposits and withdraw your winnings in Canadian currency. There are numerous ebanks which support Canadian currency including Neteller, UKash, PaySafe, Eco, iDebit, Skrill Moneybookers, DirectBankTransfer, Z, Citadel Direct, Paypal and Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards.

Sign into your personal casino account and select a game. If you’re playing for real cash prizes, click the “Deposit” button to make your deposit. The casino will ask you to select your preferred payment method from the list of options for casino-supported secure online casino payments. Click on your ebank and the casino will automatically link the two accounts.

After the first link you’ll never need to go through the procedure again – the casino will continue to automatically conduct all of your casino banking with your selected ebank unless you notify the casino that you wish to move to a different digital bank.

As soon as you’ve completed creating the link you can begin to deposit your wagers and play any of the casino games for real money prizes.

Using your Earnings

The casino allows you to withdraw your winnings at your leisure. You may choose to withdraw all of your winnings at once or you can leave some of your payouts in your casino account for future gaming needs.

Once you’ve withdrawn your payouts you can use them for any online or offline purchases at vendors that accept payments via your online bank.

eBanking Security

When you select your preferred online bank you should check to make sure that the ebank is regulated by an international financial supervisory commission and by the Canadian Financial Commission which will protect you from fraud, phishing and identity theft. The ebank should be guarding your transactions via encryption codes to keep your personal details safe. All Slots-supported digital banks do not share any of your personal information with any third-party and do not initiate contact with you for any reason other than notifications of your financial activities.

Tips for Maintaining Secure Online Banking

Casino advisors offer gamers a number of tips to ensure that their online banking activities are safe and secure.

  • Change your password regularly
    Change your password at regular intervals to prevent hackers from entering your account. Keep the password confidential.
  • Do not use public computers to login
    Don’t log into your online bank account on a public computer. Cafes, hotel lobbies, libraries and other public places are crowded and there are more chances that someone will see your password or that an observer can trace your password. If you do log in from a public area to play at the Flash Casino, make sure you clear the cache and browsing history and delete temporary files from the computer after you’ve finished playing. Don’t allow the browser to remember your ID and password.
  • Do not share your ebanking details
    eBanks don’t solicit confidential information from their clients via phone or email. So if you receive an apparent phone call or email from the bank requesting your details, don’t click on any links and don’t share your login information. Only enter your ebank account via your login ID and password and only on the official bank login page. If you receive an email from your ebank, remember, even fake emailers can copy the ebank logo and create an email that looks genuine.

Don’t click on any link embedded in the email – only sign into your account by typing the ebank’s URL into your address bar. While logging on, check for 'https://' in the URL to ensure that it is your bank’s authentic website.

  • Check your account regularly
  • Check your account after making any online transaction. Verify whether the right amount has been deducted from your account. If you see discrepancies in the amount, inform the bank immediately.
  • Conduct your ebanking on a computer that uses licenced anti-virus software

Non-protected computers are vulnerable to viruses and other opportunities for hackers to enter your account.

Casino Platforms

You can use any of the secure ebanking institutions when you play casino games at the Download Casino on your PC, at the Mobile Casino on your handheld smartphone or tablet device or at the Flash Casino on a public Internet browser.  So be safe and have fun!