Terminator 2 Online Slots Review

Here's your Terminator 2 online slot review for an overview of the exciting science fiction-themed slot machine. The review prepares you to compete in the adventure-filled slots challenge of gripping tension, heart-stopping action and numerous bonus elements that create an interactive gambling event for both PC and mobile players. Terminator 2 online slots for Canadians will keep you on your toes as you follow the characters on your way to a satisfying and rewarding ending. The review gives you a heads-up so you know which symbols you should monitor, how to activate the extra bonus game and which game options you should select for the best chance of bringing added wins and lucrative payouts.

Science-Fiction Theme

Terminator 2 is a science fiction-themed slots that takes you into the future as you earn real money prizes in the present. You’ll test your gaming skills as you compete for cash in this compelling contest of online thrills and suspense. Terminator 2 slots is a five-reel, 300-coin slots challenge. As you spin the reels you’ll join forces with the original Terminator who has come to protect John Conner, the destined future leader of the Resistance, from the machines who want to destroy him.  

You can play Terminator 2 slot game at the Download Casino on your laptop or desktop console or on your mobile device for a gaming interlude that you can enjoy at your convenience. Regardless of where and when you play you'll experience a high-energy game of rewarding fun. Sign into your casino account and navigate to the Download Casino if you’re playing on your PC or to the mobile casino if you’re gambling on your handheld smartphone or tablet device. Regardless of whether you're playing on your work break, while you're waiting for an appointment, as you watch the kids at the park or while you sit on the front porch swing before you go to sleep, you'll enjoy a genuine slots event of fun and excitement.

Terminator 2 at the Online Casino

Terminator 2 slots is based on the popular Terminator movie in which Sarah Conner and John, her young son, race against time to evade the new, menacing Terminator.  The slot machine depicts the world of the future where machines rule over humans. The ruling machines recognize that John Conner is destined to become the future leader of the human Resistance. They have decided  to eliminate him and have sent T-1000 to do the job. The new, upgraded T-1000 Terminator goes back to the year 1995 to kill John and remove the threat that he poses to the Machines’ ruling order.

Old Terminator has not forgotten John. He is determined to protect the boy and his mother, Sarah, in order that John will be able to grow up and take his destined place as the leader of the struggle against the Machines. Terminator 2 online slot machine follows John, Sarah and Old Terminator as they struggle against T-1000.

Terminator 2 slot machine is a 243 Ways to Win slots. The popular 243 Ways to Win feature gives you  two hundred and forty three permanently enabled paylines on every spin so you have more opportunities than ever to complete paylines and win payouts. Whenever 3 matching symbols emerge on adjacent reels they create a winning pay way and a payout. It doesn't matter whether the icons occur on the top, middle or bottom of the reels – as long as your spin results in three matching symbols on consecutive reels, with the first symbol emerging on the left-most reel, you’ll have achieved your win. All bet amounts are automatically multiplied by x30, regardless of the number of coins that you bet.

Terminator 2 Mobile Slots Symbols

Terminator 2 slot symbols include John's mother Sarah, John himself and Old Terminator. There are also a number of futuristic symbols on the reels which set the stage for the tense standoff between the humans and the machines. Robotic animations appear on the reels, 3D graphics and clips from the Terminator 2 movie emerge.  Metallic overlays cover the reels to depict man’s struggles against machines.

T2 is the game Wild symbol. He substitutes for other symbols to create additional completed pay ways. The Wild symbol builds its own winning combinations whenever multiple T2 icons appear together on a pay way.

The Orb is the Scatter which creates completed scatter combinations whenever two or more Orbs appear simultaneously. If three or more orbs appear concurrently, the Free Spins bonus game triggers. During the T-800 Vision Feature you only need one scatter to activate your Free Spins.

Slots Online Free Spins

Whenever three scatters appear (one scatter during the T-800 Vision round) you’ll receive ten free spins. The Hot Mode feature can appear randomly at this point to increase your win percentage. If the T-1000 symbol emerges it can transform for the highest payout on the spin that triggered its appearance. During the Free Spins you play 1024 pay ways for more winning payouts.

T-800 Vision Bonus Feature

The T-800 Vision feature activates randomly. John, Sarah, Terminator and the T-1000 and T-800 icons are targeted symbols whose appearance signals multiplied bonus payouts.

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